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31 August 2013

Family Photos

When we were in Kaikoura last weekend with Owen's family we (finally!) had some family photos done. These are my favourites of just the three of us:

All photos taken by Andrew Spencer Photography (thanks Andrew!)

07 January 2013

Best Husband

It's always a good start to the day when an unexpected present arrives. It's even better when it's the best present ever from the best husband ever!

Every now and then Owen will surprise me with something I've been wanting for a while. We'd talked about getting one of these before, and I can't believe he managed to track one down!

And what is this amazing present?

A marshmallow shooter!

This short clip might make things a bit clearer:


Right, I'm off to the supermarket to buy some mini marshmallows!

30 November 2012

Two Years

Keeping up with tradition we celebrated our second wedding anniversary with a picnic, this time at Charteris Bay round Banks Peninsula. The weather was beautiful, once again the dog spent most of her time swimming, and we reminisced about the last year and how things are changing.

We also took another photo for my anniversary photo project (this is my favourite so far):

15 April 2012

My Favourite Husband

A couple of days ago Owen surprised me with the new Black Keys album on vinyl. I've been talking about buying it for the last few weeks, so I was very excited! Much dancing has been happening around the house this weekend.

Owen went to a lot of effort to keep it quiet, including using some of his overtime money and buying the album through one of his workmates so I wouldn't know about it. He's definitely my favourite husband!

14 February 2012

Quarter Past Silly

You know how to be silly
That's why I like you
Boy are you ever silly
I never met anybody sillier than me till I met you
I like you because you know when it's time to stop being silly
Maybe day after tomorrow
Maybe never
Too late, it's a quarter past silly!
- from "I Like You" by Sandol Stoddard Warburg

Our friend Raewyn read this poem at our wedding, and this is my favourite verse - mostly because it's true! In honour of Valentines Day I thought I'd share some of the silly things that Owen and I get up to...

  • Making up crazy dances, like the Dinosaur
  • Nose licking competitions
  • Lots of play fighting (the dog always wants to get involved too)
  • Slapping da bass, mon
  • Pretending we can read the minds of the cat and dog and narrating what they think
  • Making up ridiculous nicknames, like Scuzz Rocket
  • Excessively quoting from our favourite movies
  • Communicating in cat noises

What shenanigans do you get up to with you significant other?

15 December 2011

Why We Wed

I've been following Liz at Happy Sighs for ages, and have been finding her Why We Wed series really interesting. So interesting in fact that I wanted to be part of it.

Liz was kind enough to let me share my thoughts, hop on over to take a look!

27 November 2011

One Year

It's funny how one year can go so quickly and at the same time it feels like so much time has passed. One year ago we were doing this, two years ago we were doing this, and twelve years ago we were sharing an awkward phone conversation and discovering that yes, we did quite like each other.

To celebrate our first wedding anniversary we went out for brunch to my favourite place in Brighton, and then in the evening we went for a picnic at Waimakariri Gorge. We brought along a basket full of food and our dog, who was super excited and spent most of the time jumping in the river then trying to run across the picnic blanket.

In between trying to stop the dog from ruining our new books (since it was our paper anniversary) and trying to catch grapes in our mouths, we spent ages playing around with the self-timer setting on the camera so I could get a photo for my anniversary photo project:

I'm looking forward to adding many, many more photos to our collection!