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15 April 2012

My Favourite Husband

A couple of days ago Owen surprised me with the new Black Keys album on vinyl. I've been talking about buying it for the last few weeks, so I was very excited! Much dancing has been happening around the house this weekend.

Owen went to a lot of effort to keep it quiet, including using some of his overtime money and buying the album through one of his workmates so I wouldn't know about it. He's definitely my favourite husband!

17 May 2011

Current Obsession: Records

Last year Owen and I bought a second hand record player and raided my parent's house for their old records. Lately we've decided to start our own collection (eventually I may even give most of my parent's records back to them!).

My favourite time to listen to records is while I'm cooking and the ones that get the most rotation at the moment are:
  • Elephant by the White Stripes
  • Teaser and the Firecat by Cat Stevens
  • The Simon and Garfunkle Collection
  • Harvest by Neil Young

It's a different experience listening to records instead of playing everything through the computer, not being able to skip songs and needing to turn the record over every now and then is a bit of a change! There are definitely some types of music that sound great on vinyl, but I think others wouldn't work so well. I'm happy to experiment and see which ones do!