02 March 2014


Today we ignored the pile of dishes in the kitchen and the lawns in need of mowing, and went on a family adventure instead. We drove out to Taylor's Mistake and took a walk around the coast then stopped for a little picnic before heading home.

This summer has felt so busy, so it was nice to have a little time to wander around the countryside together.

I might have to spend more time cleaning the house tomorrow, but it was worth it!

14 January 2014

This House is a Playground

I love making blanket forts and now that Toadie is older I feel like I have an excuse. Although I probably have more fun than he does, he's been enjoying playing in the latest installment. This was enough encouragement for me to declare that this week is officially Fort Week (Owen is not as excited about this as I am).

So far activities in the fort have included a lot of chasing games, hide and seek, reading (he now brings books to me when he wants to be read to), and snuggling. I think Fort Week is going to become a regular occurance!

10 January 2014

Kiddo Food

I've seen a few other bloggers share some of the meals they feed their littles and I've decided to do the same. Mostly so I can check back when I'm feeling uninspired, but maybe it'll help someone else too.

So here are a few of the meals I've offered the Toad in the last week:

Field notes:
  • He's getting close to eleven and a half months.
  • We've been doing Baby Led Weaning so these sort of meals have been typical for the last few months. It's been going pretty well.
  • Not everything on the plate ends up in his belly (especially broccoli, although I offer it he never eats it).
  • When he's finished he'll often start dropping everything on the ground, or sometimes throw it across the room. I try not to laugh when this happens but usually I can't help it!
  • We've got a lot of zucchini from our garden that needs to be used up so I'm putting it in everything I can think of.
  • The homemade bread is thanks to Owen.