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06 June 2012

Back to Malaysia

Our stopover in Kuala Lumpar on the way back home was a lot less exciting than our first one. This time I was feeling pretty jet lagged and spent most of the time sleeping. I also decided to ignore advice about trying to stay up as long as possible to better adjust to the time difference. This meant that by 2am I was wide awake (which meant that Owen was too, even though he'd been more sensible about when to sleep).

We decided to go up to the sky bar to watch an approaching thunder storm, and of course when we got there it was closed and we were the only people around. Sitting in the dark watching the city lights and listening to the thunder turned out to be one of my favourite parts of the whole trip.

14 May 2012

Hello Malaysia!

Kuala Lumpur was the first stop on our trip, it was a great place to visit even though we only had a couple of days there.

Feathers in My Cap

  • Travelling again! It was exciting to have four weeks of adventure in front of us!
  • Wandering around the city at night
  • Visiting the markets at China Town (although I wasn't in a buying mood and didn't end up getting anything)
  • Trying new food and finding the best ice cream parlour near our hotel
  • Taking a train out of the city to explore the Batu Caves
  • Finding an amazing book store, it was huge and I could easily have spent a whole day there

Black Eyes

  • Being reminded that I don't function well in humidity
  • Getting lost for an hour when trying to find our hotel (I need to be more careful when it comes to taking down directions!)
  • Almost being attacked by a monkey at the Batu Caves