27 November 2007

Love Story

Although we grew up together in a small town by the sea, Owen and I didn't see a lot of each other when we were little. We went to the same school, but even though we were in the same class for a couple of years we had completely different friends and interests.

Owen's first from the left in the middle row, I'm third from the right in the front row

Throughout high school we were in the same classes, which was when I started falling in love with Owen. I kept quiet about it though, we moved in different circles and I was happy to admire him from afar! Things changed when we were sixteen. After a year of flirting in maths class (I'm surprised we both ended up with good marks, since we didn't do a lot of work!) we shared our first kiss at a party. The next time we saw each other was a little awkward, so we both pretended it had never happened!

Owen's second from the left in the front row, I'm behind him in the red dress

Avoiding the situation lasted a few weeks, until Owen asked me out just before school finished for the year. At first I wasn't entirely sure, which with hindsight seems so strange. How could I not have known? Luckily I made up my mind fairly quickly and said yes!

Eight years later, one third of my life. Sometimes in seems like no time has passed at all, but when I think of everything that's happened it feels like even longer! Since we first got together we've finished high school, moved to the city to attend the same university, finished our degrees, moved in to a little place by the sea, started our first serious jobs, adopted a cat, and next year we're planning on travelling together.

Sometimes I wonder what my eleven-year-old-self would think if she could see the way that things have worked out!


  1. congrats! ain't love grand?

  2. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Congratulations you two! It seems to me that as well as being in love you are great friends, enjoying each other's interests and accomplishments!
    Lots of love - Nick (Aunty)

  3. Thanks you guys!

  4. 8 years!!!!! oh my goodness.

    i'm really happy for you. that's so wonderful!!!