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14 May 2011

Finished Photo Album

I mentioned the other day that I finally finished my photo album, which covers nearly ten years worth of photos that had been sitting in a box waiting to be sorted for ages. I was inspired by this idea by Elise Joy to include some captions and stories along with the pictures, which makes the album so much more interesting to look through.

Here are some of my favourite pages:

I've already bought two more albums, one for the next few years and one for some travel or wedding photos (I haven't decided yet!). I wonder how long it will take me to get these ones finished?

20 January 2011

Polaroid Fun

I've been wanting a polaroid camera for ages, and a couple of months ago finally bought one! The problem is of course trying to track down some film. Polaroid stopped making film for the 600 series a while ago, but luckily the Impossible Project has taken over.

The only downside is having to pay more for one pack of film than I did for the camera! The cost works out as $5 a photo, so I was feeling a bit of pressure to make sure every photo was great.

But then one day I noticed my poor neglected camera on the shelf and decided to give it a go without worrying what the photos looked like. I'm in the process of making a polaroid montage on the fridge, here are the results so far:

The fun factor of using a polaroid makes up for the cost, so I'll be buying some more film sometime soon!