22 May 2012

The Greek Islands

Visiting the Greek Islands was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. We were travelling with a group of friend, and it was so good to catch up with some of my favourite people living on the other side of the world.

Our first stop was Mykonos, which was my favourite. We stayed at a really nice place by the sea and spent a lot of time lounging around the pool. The rest of the time we were adventuring on four wheelers around the island and exploring the town. The whole island was beautiful with the classic white washed buildings with blue roofs everywhere.

We took a ferry on to Paros but could only stay for one night before continuing on. We made the most of our time by going out for a nice meal at a restaurant by the beach, and the next morning wandered around the town before our next ferry ride.

We spent our last couple of nights in Santorini. In between all the time we spent riding around on four wheelers (again!) we went on a boat trip, rode on some donkeys, visited ancient ruins, ate a lot of gelato, and had a few hours relaxing at one of the beaches.

Owen took all these photos, apart from the one he's in!

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  1. Wonderful photos! It's a dream of mine to visit the Greek Islands! Would love to hear more impressions sometime!