18 May 2012

A Train Trip to Brussels

For Owen's birthday we decided to visit a new country and took the Eurostar over to Brussels for a quick trip. I much prefer travelling by train than by plane, and although most of the trip was spent riding through the Chunnel it was still nice to see a bit of the countryside, especially in Belgium.

After the initial hassle of arriving in a new place with no real idea of where we had to go/how to get there/why our card wasn't working/how we were going to pay for everything now, we got to our hotel and then quickly headed back into town to explore.

High on the list of things to do was trying some Belgian beer (Owen) and sampling a few different kinds of Belgian chocolate (me). With our mission completed we headed back to our room for a rest and to find out some good news (which turned out to be the best birthday present ever).

The next day we thought about hiring some bikes so we could take in more of the city, but decided that walking would be a lot easier... we were wrong. What looked like a nearby park on our map turned out to be across the city and involved a lot more walking than planned! It was still a good way to see a different part of Brussels and when we got back into the old town there was time for a bit more exploring before we had to be back at the train station for the next part of our journey.


  1. Definitely sounds like a memorable birthday to me! :D