06 November 2012

Dog Shaming

When Owen and I got back from dinner last night we wondered why the dog was waiting for us inside the house when she'd been outside when we left.

It didn't take long to figure out what had happened...

The neighbours were letting off fireworks which must have scared her enough to try to get into the house any way possible. She was so pleased with herself and we couldn't help but laugh!

After cleaning up the glass Owen took some photos so we can send one to Dog Shaming. She looks really sad in this photo, but it must be one of the only ones where she doesn't have a big smile on her face!


  1. Oh, Dog Shaming is such a fun site! This photo is just perfect.

  2. oooh, poor thing! i love that site too. i considered taking a photo of Elsa the other day to send in after I came home and discovered she had been particularly naughty

  3. That dog sure is funny.

  4. LOL! Naughty dog! She does look ashamed. :P