12 December 2010

Wedding Recap: Venues

Owen and I both grew up in the same small town by the sea. This made it very easy to decide on the location for our wedding, but the venues were another story. Because the town is so small there aren't very many options!

We knew that we wanted an outdoor ceremony (despite the risk of inclement weather) and spent a while trying to find the best spot. The hardest part was trying to find somewhere relatively private but with easy access. Eventually we found the perfect place:

The reception venue was a little bit more difficult as there were hardly any places that could hold the hundred guests that we'd invited. By process of elimination we were left with only one option: the local community hall.

There were definitely some good points:
  • There was a lot of history! It was the venue for our high school balls, and over the years I'd danced on the stage many times before
  • The facilities were fairly good with lots of space for everything
  • No real restrictions, we just had to leave the hall in the same condition as when we hired it
  • A very good price! Which meant we could splash out a bit in a couple of other areas
And there was really only one bad point: the colour scheme. In the past couple of years the hall had been redecorated from nice neutral tones to a combination of green and purple (not my favourite!).

Luckily we had lots of kind helpers who spent the day before the wedding transforming it from this:

To this: