07 December 2010

Honeymoon in Rarotonga

While I'm impatiently waiting for our wedding photos to be ready I thought I'd share some honeymoon photos. The title of the post may have tipped you off that we went to Rarotonga, which was a perfect honeymoon location (as evidenced by the huge number of newlyweds on the island).

After the stress of the wedding it was nice just to relax in the sun and frequent the swim-up bar at the resort. And when we weren't snorkelling in the lagoon or looking for coconut crabs we spent our time scootering round the island. It was a lot of fun, but a little disconcerting as it always felt as if we were travelling in a straight line in the same direction (as opposed to circumnavigating the 32kms around the island).

Feathers In My Cap
  • Spending hours riding round on the scooter
  • Hot weather!
  • Reading by the pool
  • Toblerone cocktails at the swim up bar
  • Hot saunas and cold swimming pools
  • Meeting other really nice honeymooning couples

Black Eyes
  • Being savaged by mosquitoes the night we arrived
  • Drinking cocktails recklessly before an overnight flight on the way home (not recommended)
  • The bird that dive bombed everyone who walked near its tree

It was nice to be travelling with Owen again after nearly two years back in New Zealand, it stirred up my wanderlust in a big way!


  1. Gorgeous! Looks like you had a tonne of fun!

  2. that video is happiness.