14 December 2010

Wedding Recap: Photos

We had some time after the ceremony for some photos, followed by a picnic by the sea, followed by more photos. I hadn't been able to eat anything beforehand (I was much too nervous) so I was ravenous by picnic time. Luckily my wild-eyed, food-demanding self wasn't captured on film!

Once we'd had some food and I was ready to smile again Owen and I took a walk along the rocks, and then we headed to another beach for some more photos with the rest of the wedding party.

Once we'd driven back to the reception venue there was time for even more photos at the beach across the road. It turns out our photographer was a Beatles fan, so we indulged him on our walk back to the hall.

All photos by Stacy Squires


  1. such incredible scenery. the first one is <3

  2. Fantastic pics - I love the playfulness in the Beatles one.

  3. Nice photo, realy nice