27 December 2010

House: Starting Point

Planning a wedding meant that a lot of other projects have been neglected over the last few months, one of which is renovations of our new house. This is going to be a long term project but we've already made a start and I want to keep track of our progress.

The first step is to share some before photos, hopefully the after photos will begin soon!

Main Entrance into Kitchen
Due to a change of the layout from previous owners, the open-plan kitchen and dining room is the entrance to the house. This gives us more motivation to keep it clean (I love the dishwasher!) and also motivation to make a few changes to so it's more inviting.

With neutral walls and carpet, the lounge is probably the last room that needs big changes. New curtains are on the cards though!

Main Bedroom
Our first project. There was no way I could live with the blue and yellow walls, and you can see in the photo below that we starting peeling wallpaper the day we moved in!

Other Bedrooms
Judging by the colour and decorating choices of the previous owners, the two other bedrooms were intended for children. Now we'll be transforming them to a guest room and a situation room (we got this term from a bad movie and immediately adopted it - I think "situation room" sounds way more exciting than "office").

We have lots of plans for updating the bathroom. As long as we keep a full sized bath I'll be happy!


  1. Enjoying your blog. Do you have some after pictures yet? Would love to see them.

  2. Thanks! We don't have anything finished yet, but I was thinking about doing a progress update sometime soon.