21 December 2010

Highlights: Wedding

Feathers in My Cap
  • Waking up next to Owen and realising that this was the day
  • The weather clearing up and the clouds disappearing just as the ceremony was due to start
  • The huge amount of help we had from friends and family, especially our parents
  • Laughing with Owen just before the ceremony began and feeling my nerves disappear
  • A lot of comments about our vows, which I'd spent ages working on over the last few months
  • The delicious white chocolate gateau cake that Owen made
  • The surprise package that our parents had left for us at the hotel
  • Waking up the next morning and relaxing in the sun, listening to the sea, and eating chocolate

Black Eyes
  • A lot of the guests getting sunburnt when the weather turned out to be nicer than expected
  • Putting off writing our thank you speech until the morning of the wedding
  • Our dog escaping while we were getting ready and eating one of Ma's chickens
  • Not having enough time to really catch up with everyone