20 January 2009

Ice Skating in London

As my time in London draws to a close I've been trying to fit in a few last activities while I still can!

It was for this reason that I finally went to the Tower of London on Saturday with Owen, Becky and Gareth.  It was interesting to hear some of the historical stories and there were a lot of towers and a couple of dungeons to explore. We ran out of time to see everything , but still managed to have a look at the crown jewels, the infamous ravens, and lots of suits of armour.

On Sunday evening I went ice skating, something I've been meaning to do for months and months. I caught up with Hannah at the outdoor ice rink by the Natural History Museum. I hadn't been ice skating in years, so it took a bit of time to get used to! But once I got the hang of it again it was lots of fun.

Before leaving I also want to do a Jack the Ripper walking tour, hopefully see a musical, and maybe go on the London Eye.


  1. Oh, this looks like so much fun! It's made me miss London even MORE! Glad to hear you're having such an awesome time :)

  2. Yes, London is great! I'm really going to miss it but will be so happy to get back to NZ in a couple of weeks.