22 August 2008

Back to France

Travelling through France was a lot more relaxing second time around, as we didn't have any deadlines to meet or places to be. On our journey inland from Nice we passed through some beautiful scenery, and stopped briefly for a picnic.

And stayed at a small city close to Avignon where everything was closed due to a national holiday which we didn't know about...

The next morning we had a quick look around Avignon then continued on towards Carcasonne, which was high on my list of places to see. We stayed very near the castle, so spent the evening looking around the crowded streets.

From Carcasonne we headed towards the Atlantic coast and on to Soustons, which was very busy. Our quest to find somewhere to stay involved a deserted campsite that resembled a ghost town, a camping ground that appeared to be run by a cult, and two others which were fully booked. Eventually we found a nice place inland and decided to stay for a couple of nights to spend more time at the beach.

The weather wasn't so good the first morning so we decided to drive down to Biarritz to see the sights. This turned out to be an error in judgement as the city was absolutely packed. With no available parking spaces and hordes of people outside any attractions we quickly decided to head back to Soustons. The next morning Owen and Troy spent most of their time watching the surfing competition being held nearby, while I inadvertently went on an adventure with a French family when we all got lost in the sand dunes.

Travelling north from Soustons, Troy and Willow decided to stay in Bordeaux for a couple of nights while Owen and I continued on to Lacanau Ocean. The weather was perfect and I spent most of the next day sunbathing and/or sleeping. The following morning we met up again in Bordeaux to continue the last stretch of our journey.

If you would like to see more photos (including more my Owen & Troy), check out my flickr page.


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