26 August 2008

Last Days in France

With only a few days before our return to the UK, we headed to La Rochelle for a couple of nights. The weather was nice and we spent our days visiting the aquarium, eating flan, and perusing the local markets.

Continuing north we decided to stop at the small town of Dinan for the night. The next morning we took the opportunity to explore the Old Town and wondered around the old fortified walls for a while, before stopping at a cafe for a Croque Monsieur.

That afternoon we made our way to St Malo, our final destination in France, so to celebrate the last day of our holiday we had a meal at a restaurant in the older part of the city. The nine hour ferry crossing to Portsmouth left early the following morning. I was sad to leave France, and already looking forward to returning!

If you would like to see more photos (including more by Owen and Troy), check out my flickr page.