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27 August 2012

Goals Journal Update

Well over half way through the year and I've completed eight goals with another eight in progress. I'm pretty sure I'll get through them all by the end of the year!

This was a fun goal to mark complete. We visited three new countries in May: Malaysia, Belgium and Greece. Plus a couple of bonus countries: Wales and Vatican City.

I wrapped this up a few months ago, and at the moment I'm working on improving my proofreading and editing skills. I like having another self-employment option for the future.

My aim was to get my weight back within the healthy BMI range, which I was getting closer to after a few months at the gym. It wasn't until after we got back from our trip that I got down to my goal - mainly due to pregnancy food aversions!

I'm not sure if anyone had guessed what the "secret mission" was referring to, but now you know!

27 March 2012

Goals Journal Update

Four goals down, so things are pretty much on track! I like having a central place to keep track of everything and creating something visual of the goals I'm completing is pretty motivating. Plus I'm enjoying doing some basic scrap booking, my favourite element is these Complete! stickers (if you want some for yourself click here to download and print them on a sheet of label paper).

Even though the vanilla essence won't be mature til August, I've already used a little. It smells more like vanilla than vodka which is a good sign!

You may have noticed that February was quite a productive month on the blogging front! It's been a little quiet lately and since I enjoyed posting every day I'd like to get back to a more regular schedule again.

I'd been ignoring an every-growing pile of papers for months and it was such a relief to finally get them sorted! So far my new and improved filing system is working well, I just need to stay on top of things.

I'm so glad to cross Mt Fyffe off my list - it's been something I've been wanting to do for ages. The sore muscles were worth it!

And the other goals I'm working on at the moment:
  • Finish the proofreading and editing course (I'm waiting for my final results)
  • Buy more indoor plants (two so far)
  • Update photo albums (I'm making progress on one travel photo book)
  • Try new recipes (eight so far)
  • Read five books from my list (one finished and one more almost finished)

Stay tuned for more updates!

06 February 2012

My Goals Journal

I always find setting lots of goals is fun. I love dreaming and thinking of possibilities and adventures. What's even more fun is making progress on goals, although sometimes it can be a bit hard to keep track of the many things I've decided I want to do.

This year I wanted a new system to record my progress and work out what to focus on next, so I've started a goals journal. It combines a little bit of scrap booking, a few check boxes, and a lot of lists!

My sister gave me a couple of notebooks for Xmas so I'm using one of them. It's a nice compact size but with enough space for a bit of writing and pictures.

I started with a title page using some images and text I'd gleaned from a magazine a while ago.

The next pages are dedicated to my word of the year (I first heard about this practice here) and this year I decided to pick one I thought would challenge me a little!

Next I made a list of all my goals for the year with boxes to check them off when they're complete. I've also got room to add a couple more goals if I feel like it...

My first goal is to visit three new countries, which should be happening in May and June. I've left some spaces to write down which countries we get to (our plan is Malaysia, Belgium and Greece) and also space to stick in a photo I've taken in each country.

I've left six page for my next goal since I'm planning to stick in tickets, photos etc from our date nights (those are movie tickets from Girl With the Dragon Tattoo).

This is the list of the tutorials and assignments I have to finish to complete the proofreading and editing course I started last year. I love being able to tick each one off as I finish them!

The first goal I've completed! Here are the full instructions for making vanilla essence. I'm going to take a photo of how it's looking at the start of the process, and then another once it's ready to use.

Inspired by this method, I started checking off my almost daily exercise in November last year. For the new year I decided to keep going with the same page, and I'm planning to stick it into my goals journal once I've crossed out every day. And then start on the next page!

To keep track of the new recipes I'm trying, I've decided to record the name, the book it's from, and I'm also giving it a star rating (out of five) to see whether it's worth making again.

I have a list of books I want to read as part of my Life List, but I've also written the list of what I want to get through this year so I can tick them off once I'm done. I'm reading Jane Eyre at the moment (along with a couple of other books not on my list).

The rest of the pages don't have anything to share at the moment (I'm not sure what I'm going to do with some of them!) but I'm planning a review of my goals journal at the end of the year to see how effective it's been.