10 January 2014

Kiddo Food

I've seen a few other bloggers share some of the meals they feed their littles and I've decided to do the same. Mostly so I can check back when I'm feeling uninspired, but maybe it'll help someone else too.

So here are a few of the meals I've offered the Toad in the last week:

Field notes:
  • He's getting close to eleven and a half months.
  • We've been doing Baby Led Weaning so these sort of meals have been typical for the last few months. It's been going pretty well.
  • Not everything on the plate ends up in his belly (especially broccoli, although I offer it he never eats it).
  • When he's finished he'll often start dropping everything on the ground, or sometimes throw it across the room. I try not to laugh when this happens but usually I can't help it!
  • We've got a lot of zucchini from our garden that needs to be used up so I'm putting it in everything I can think of.
  • The homemade bread is thanks to Owen.