30 September 2011

More Bedroom Renovations

Just over a year after moving in to our house, we can finally sleep in the main bedroom! Owen and I had decided to make a few changes to the room as soon as we had the keys in our hands, but a few delays meant that everything took a lot longer than we were hoping. Owen did pretty much all of the work, with a bit of help from friends, family, and me. Things we did:
  • Removed the wallpaper (which had been painted over)
  • Took out the old plaster board, wardrobe door, trim and skirting boards
  • Installed some insulation
  • Put up new plaster board on the ceiling and walls
  • Had a builder friend put in a cavity sliding door for the wardrobe
  • Had an electrician friend install an extra light switch and power point
  • Plastered and sanded (Owen swore this was the first and last time he'd be doing it!)
  • Painted the ceiling plain white and the walls half spanish white
  • Put new trim around the door and windows then painted it

Some of my inspiration for the finished room:

And the list of what I want to get sorted over the next few weeks:
  • Finish restoring the chest of drawers (Owen's in the middle of this)
  • Buy a full length mirror
  • Frame some photos for above the bed
  • Get a new light fitting that we both like (we have quite different tastes, so this might take a while!)
  • Buy some artwork or a small mirror to hang above the dresser
  • Make a quilt (this would be my first attempt)
  • Buy some plants