21 January 2010

Summer Roadtrip

I took a long holiday after Xmas which involved nearly two weeks of road-tripping around the North Island with some of my oldest friends. The six of us bought an old van a couple of months ago especially for the trip, crossed our fingers that it wasn't going to break down, and worked out where we all wanted to go.

We spent a few nights camping in the Coromandel, went to Waihi Beach for New Year's to see Gin Whigmore & Dave Dobbyn perform, and ended up in Mount Maunganui for a couple of nights before heading back down south.

Feathers in My Cap
  • Spending time with some of my favourite people
  • Lots of great summer weather
  • Chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone
  • Lounging on the beach for a whole day
  • Making elaborate meals with minimal cooking equipment (and discovering that French toast works well on the barbeque)
  • The van not breaking down at all!

Black Eyes
  • Waking up to a minor ant infestation our first night camping
  • Thinking that the tent was going to blow away on a couple of windy nights (everything was fine though!)
  • Slow holiday traffic on the way home


  1. Your New Year's sounds amazing! I love Gin Whigmore.

    A xx

  2. Gin was great, she's a really good performer too!

  3. The concert on New years would have been great. The ants don't sound nice at all!

  4. silly question: how do you get a van from the south island to the north island?

  5. Not silly at all! There's a ferry between the islands (it takes about 3 hours or so)