23 June 2008


I've only been working for two weeks and I'm already taking time off!

On Thursday Owen and I went to Amsterdam for a couple of days - our first foray into Europe. We arrived into the city about 10.30pm to hunt down our accommodation which we quickly found out was situated on the edge of the Red Light District.

Amsterdam is quite a compact city, we spent most of the next day wandering around taking in the sights and trying to avoid being run over by one of the many people riding vintage bicycles. Apparently there are almost as many bicycles as residents. I'm not surprised, they were everywhere!

In between all the walking we visited the Floating Flower Market, Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House. If we had stayed a bit longer I would have hired a bicycle for an afternoon, gone on a canal cruise, and taken one of the walking tours of the city. Next time!