16 March 2008

Tea Party

I spent a very nice afternoon with some of my favourite people at my long anticipated tea party. It looked like everyone had a good time, and the food they bought along was delicious. I made two types of cupcakes for the occasion: black forest cupcakes (with cherry chocolate mudcake) and pear butterfly cupcakes (with pear and maple buttercake).

There's so much food leftover, although I managed to give away most of the cupcakes which is a good thing because I'm starting to get cupcake overload. I did manage to save a couple for later though!


  1. ooooh this is so exciting! a fellow tea party buddy :D. My friends and i also love tea parties and are having a Mad Hatters one this Saturday :). I'll be sure to post some photos on my blog and share. thanks for the comment, it is such a lovely tea pot indeed. go Gala Darling, she's the best huh. cheers to tea parties, cup cakes and the icing community !!

  2. I will keep an eye out for the photos, it sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. that's crazy!!! it looks amazing. i want a tea party too!!

  4. I would definitely recommend one!